KMIY and Kula Eco Park

For the AM radio station in Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States, see KWMT (AM).

Coordinates: 32°14′56.00″N 111°6′59.00″W / 32.2488889°N 111.1163889°W / 32.2488889; -111.1163889

KMIY is a hot adult contemporary radio station that serves Tucson, Arizona, USA. KMIY broadcasts on 92.9 MHz, and is licensed to Tucson. KMIY is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc..

The station played a lot of what is on current adult album alternative (AAA) charts. It also has various artists who record live performances to play on the station. It had a segment titled "Chill Side of The Mountain" every night from 11pm-1am which included ambient and underground music such as AIR, Hooverphonic, Lamb, The Polyphonic Spree, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Zero7.

Acoustic Sunrise and Acoustic Sunset, from 7am-noon and 8-11pm respectively, offer a "unique blend of acoustic sounds", with a wide range of artists.

A distinctive feature that sets the station apart from other radio stations is the "personal feel" that the DJs lend to the radio station. A few times a month, they also hold "Studio Cs", smaller acoustic concerts, of 20-30 people. Listeners call in to win tickets, and are then invited to a recording studio downtown. These are usually held before or after an artist's performance in town. This private setting allows listeners to meet the artists.

On November 18, 2011, at 5pm, after playing "It's the End of the World As We Know It" by R.E.M., the station was relaunched as "My 92.9". On November 28, 2011 KWMT-FM changed their call letters to KMIY.

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Previous history April 2, 2001: After years of broadcasting on 92.9, the KWFM call letters were changed to KOYT, a country music format - 92.9 Coyote Country. KWFM oldies station format and letters moved to 97.1 then to KWFM 1450 AM. December 5, 2003: KOYT changed from a country format to AAA The Mountain. January 22, 2004: Changed call letters to KWMT-FM to better suit the new station. Late 2000s: Station changed formats to the current hot adult contemporary after adding non-AAA artists, but kept The Mountain branding. It was also added to the Mediabase & BDS hot AC panels. November 2011: Station rebranded under My 92.9, kept hot AC format but replaced the adult album alternative lean with the rhythmic contemporary lean. Station changed call letters to KMIY. Mediabase still reports the station under old KWMT-FM calls. July 2013: "Valentine" morning show replaced with Detroit syndicated show Mojo In The Morning, formerly simulcasted on sister-station KOHT-FM. Previous logo

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Kula Eco Park and KMIY

Kula Eco Park is an ecological preserve in Fiji. It is located on Fiji's largest island, Viti Levu, near Sigatoka. The area was originally established as a bird park in the 1980s, but was bought by Kula Eco Park Management in January 1997. With an extensive system of walkways through the park, and a wide range of attractions, the park is now a popular tourist attraction.

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About the park Swamp Harrier at the Zoo

The park is privately owned and operated, its main focus being the preservation of Fiji's indigenous flora and fauna, including reptiles, bird life, amphibians, tropical fish, the Fiji Flying Fox (Fiji's only native mammal), insects, butterflies and a wide range of trees and shrubs. The park has also won Fiji's 'Excellence in Tourism' award five times since 1996. In addition, the park strives to increase environmental issue awareness and educate local children in conservation. The park regularly offers free classes in which children may learn about Fiji's environment, pollution, and conservation. More than 8000 children have taken these classes. The park is funded only 35% from general admission tickets, the rest coming from private donations. History

In 1998, 140 species were catalogued in a joint project between Kula Eco Park, the National Trust of Fiji, the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales, and the Zoo Friends of Taronga Zoo. As a result, the park established a captive breeding program for the critically endangered Fiji Crested Iguana and Fiji Banded Iguana. Seven juveniles were successfully raised.

In 2004, the park achieved two milestones with the world's first captive birth of a Kadavu Musk Parrot and the park's first birth of a Pacific Black Duck.

In 2007, (in cooperation with the Biological Sciences Division at the University of the South Pacific) the park commenced a captive breeding program for the endangered Fiji Ground Frog. Partners

Kula Eco Park works with a number of organizations to support Fiji and wildlife. They include the National Trust of Fiji, the Endangered Species Recovery Council of San Diego, and the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales. Kula Eco Park is also a member of the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria and an honorary associate of the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia.
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